Top Five Member of Apple’s Board of Directors

Board of directors plays a very important role in a company. These people are elected from all the shareholders. These people represent the shareholders of the company.

As there are millions of shareholders, and each and everyone cannot take decisions or participate in the company, they hire representatives.

These elected members are known as the board of directors. They are the governing body of the company. These people conduct the meeting to meet and discuss the policies and strategies.

Apple’s board of directors directly can easily influence Apple stock price. These people are very important for the company and its growth. Recently the board of directors made a decision to split Apple’s share.

That decision decreased the Apple Stock Price so that new retail investors can invest in the company. All their actions are well planned.

Apple’s Board of Directors:

Board of directors can make or break the company. They play a very important role in the company’s management and policies. Apple has some of the best board of directors.

  • Tim Cook: 

He is not only the CEO of the Company but a member of the board of directors as well. He holds a good amount of Apple shares with him. He has been a part of the board of directors for a long time. Along with all the other directors, he takes an important decision about Apple. There are various other people who are a part of the board of directors.

  • James A. Bell:

He became a part of Apple’s board of directors in the year 2015. Before working with Apple, he worked with The Boeing Company. He was the CFO and Corporate President. He has a great amount of experience. He has worked for nearly four decades. He is good with finance and takes care of strategic planning as well.

  • Albert Gore Jr.:

He is one of the individual insider shareholders of the company. He is mostly known as Al Gore. He has been a part of the US Democratic Party before becoming Apple’s director. He is the founder of various ventures as well. He was awarded a Nobel Prize.

  • Andrea Jung:

She is the president and CEO of Grameen America. Before that, she worked with Avon. She was the CEO of that company for 13 years. She is an active member and director at Apple Inc.

  • Ronald D. Sugar:

He is the former chairman and CEO of Northrop Grumman. He became a part of Apple’s board of director’s team in the year 2010. He takes care of Audit and Finance. He is an effective leader and a very good engineer.

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