Chrome installed

Personally, I use Firefox as my primary browser. However, I do have Chrome installed, so I am able to copy and paste any url to Chrome that I want to read.

The setup seems fairly straightforward – simply add the extension to Chrome (just Google Kindle to Chrome within your Chrome browser to find it), then set up the Kindle options within the “manage my extensions” screen in your browser. You will need to go to your Manage My Kindle page in Amazon and get the e-mail address for your Kindle (did you know you had one?!) and add it to the options within the extension.

If you have a Kindle 3, you can use your “” address. If not, make sure you use your “” address instead. You can change that in a drop down menu within the app’s settings.

Once it is all set up, there will be a little orange check box next to your address bar in the top right side of your browser. Just click on that when you find a story you want to read, and it will go straight to your Kindle!

It will not work on every website, and it does strip out pictures, so you will get only text. Also, keep in mind that Kindle for Chrome is a new app, so it does have a few bugs right now, including the fact that it does not seem to be functioning properly on a Mac. However, it does appear that the developer is working to get those bugs fixed and has been answering questions on the page for the application.

So, if you want to quickly send several articles to your Kindle to read later, the Kindle for Chrome app is a great option. There are a few other services similar to this out there as well, such as Instapaper, which I use, that you might want to check out, but Kindle for Chrome seems to be at least as simple as Instapaper for those of you who like the option of an app built into your browser!

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