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If You Brexit You Buy It

Like everyone, the /Policy community was transfixed last week on Britain’s possible-cum-actual exit from the European Union.

With polls showing the vote extremely close, we stayed up late into the night, morning and/or afternoon, depending on your time zone.

In the weeks prior to the vote, surveys showed those working in the tech industry overwhelmingly on the stay side of the referendum. There are a lot of reasons for this, and The Next Web has a good summary of the many impacts the exit will have on the tech sector. One issue, which many of our members know from personal experience, is that tech workers often cross borders for a job.

After the vote, spirits were down. Comments like “Oh God UK y u do this” and “RIP UK” sum up the mood. That said, it was incredible to experience the referendum simultaneously with /Poliy-niks from around the world. We traded news stories, anecdotes about the politics of co-workers, jokes about Donald Trump. We debated the nuances of democracy and parliamentary quotas.

/Policy exists to connect developers who care about big issues, and Brexit is an earthquake of an issue. Whatever happens in the coming months and years, we have friends around the world to help us wrap our heads around it.

Thanks for a fun, long night, guys.

Image by Paul Lloyd (CC-BY-NC-SA)

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