Unyielding Security

It is time for us as developers to take a stand for what we truly believe is necessary for the user and Read More


Add your name to demand improvements to the CFAA

We, the undersigned, believe that the United States government’s Computer Fraud and Abuse Act is dangerous and has the effect of stifling Read More


Taking on the Most Hated Law on the Internet

The ACLU is suing the government on behalf of a group of academic researchers, journalists and computer scientists who are trying to Read More

Theme Week

Hack Week Tournament of Champions

In honor of Hack Week, we're looking back on some classic hacks and their architects and, just for fun, pitting them against Read More


If You Brexit You Buy It

Like everyone, the /Policy community was transfixed last week on Britain's possible-cum-actual exit from the European Union  Read More


More Reasons Devs Should Worry About the EC

Ash Davies on the implications of the EC investigation from a developers perspective Read More

Slack Chat

Disrupting Democracy: The Rise of Political Bots

/Policy recently hosted a discussion with Sam Wooley and Philip Howard, the world's leading experts on the use of bots in politics. Read More


Ask a Congressman: Email Privacy Act

Rep. Tim Ryan is one of the co-sponsors of the Email Privacy Act (EPA) and one of our more tech-savvy legislators (his Twitter Read More


Editorial: Curiosity is (not) a crime

TL;DR The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) threatens to put smart people in jail for doing good work. The investigative journalist, Read More


Google and the European Commission

The European Commission has accused Google of being anticompetitive, using its size to influence how Android applications get distributed over the platform. Read More